Michal Warda
Michal Warda • progle()CTO @ EL Passion Hopefully you'll find something useful here

How 3000 people won in my self-hosted game

Sun Mar 12 • 3 min read

A story about how I've created a game that was played by 3000 people in 24h and how I host it on a Raspberry Pi in my home.

Bun vs Node Benchmark - no one cares about speed as much as your CI does

Sun Mar 05 • 4 min read

Bun is fast. But honestly I almost don't care that much about the fact that it can handle more requests. What matters for me is how much it affects my dev experience. And I'll give you a TLDR; It's amazing! See how Bun performs in a non-typical benchmark.

How to contribute to a project you have no idea about

Sat Feb 25 • 7 min read

How I've contributed to Bun, a huge project that is written in a language I don't understand, and does stuff that I've never worked on. And what work framework I use to work on projects like that.

Self hosting in 2023

Sat Feb 18 • 8 min read

Why I've decided to host my page on my own in home server and how community is building amazing tools like Coolify.

Finally writing

Wed Jan 18 • 2 min read

No more excuses, here it is, welcome to grifel.dev!